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Mosaic offers engineering services such as design, construction and maintenance in general plant, in the field of Robotics and Industrial Automation.
We have a significant operational structure with equipped with special equipment, modern transport and high technical and instrumental resources.
Mosaic offers a highly specialized staff, that achieve production results higher than the average of direct competitors in national and international scope.
We guarantee high quality standards through the use of cutting-edge products and solutions to obtain safe and functional systems. Professional competence plus the knowledge and experience in planning, implementation and maintenance regulation.
The result is a company that operates with seriousness and professionalism ensuring reliability and quality on products and services offered.



Are you looking for solutions to minimize the risks due to production changes or to starting of new production lines??

Process Simulate enables you to virtually validate assembly projects, from the source to the beginning of production.
The ability to work products’ and resources’ 3D data facilitates the virtual validation, optimization and preparation of complex production processes, reducing startup times and increasing the quality of production.
Process Simulate allows to verify the feasibility of an assembly process, validating the features of accessibility, proximity and collision, thanks to the global simulation of the whole assembly process of product and tools.
The automatic creation of assembly sequences permits to improve the productivity of the planning process. Tools like sections, measurements and collision detection permit to verify and optimize the detailed assembly situations.

  • 3D motion simulation
  • Static and dynamic collision detection
  • Sections 2D 3D
  • Measurements 3D
  • Sequence of operations
  • Automatic planning path assembly
  • Resource modeling (3D cinematic)
  • Design lines and workstations
  • Interaction documentation 3D, work instruction

Operating Sectors

Civil electrical installations and industrial

Realization and installation of electrical systems:

Software design PLC

Implementing control logics with PLC of the leading manufacturers:

Revamping of obsolete lines with adaptation to the new generation of controllers. Versatility and adaptation to the use of standard set by customers. Integrated Management of safety logic in the PLC of the last generation. Custom implementation of network architectures (Profinet, Profibus, Interbus, DeviceNet, etc ..)

Planning Scada

Implementation of remote control systems dedicated to the supervision of installations of any type. Management of individual devices:

Development of redundant architectures between primary and secondary servers. Management of client systems and interfacing with client web access authentication.

Robot Programming

Robot programming of major manufacturers:

Designing systems of handling, welding, deburring, coating and bonding. Management and construction of visionica, measurement and quality control.

Welding Control

Parameterization of drawers welding of major manufacturers:

Electrical and Fluids planning

The MO.S.A.I.C. offers cutting-edge computing centers that allow you to design with the platforms of the main CAD software house:

The experience and know-how allows our staff to solve the problems attached to the design of electrical and fluidic systems to be implemented in all sectors of industrial automation; we are able to realize machines hardwired logic, most advanced machines equipped with a controller of last generation (PLC) lines and spaces functioning through pneumatic logic.

The appropriate use of CAD enables us a correct dimensioning of the components and lines starting from the short-circuit currents for the installations of medium and low voltage.

Process Simulate Planning

Using Process Simulate enables you to integrate the functionality of Robocad development platform, which allows the optimization of virtual paths to be assigned to the robot and allow a starting point for the commissioning of the robot programmer.

Decrease start-up time of new lines and the changes subject to production needs.

Validate, simulate and verify virtually assembly projects at every stage of the work cycle of the plant.

Reuse, perform autorithing and validate manufacturing processes, facilitating the operations of human and mechanical tools, devices and robots.

Reduce planning time and cost of change thanks to automatic sequences, validation tools, the collection and communication problems their production

Robocad Planning

The main feature of robcad is to provide a simple virtual reconstruction of the working environment to allow the scheduling of operations to be performed and the optimization of the design of the work cell. Finally, through optional modules, you can translate the simulation directly in the programming language of the automated line.

The use of a robotic simulator should allow the reduction of the times for the start of production of new products, the reduction of production interruptions, the optimization of manufacturing operations.

Commissioning automatic plants

The consolidated experience during the years, in the commissioning of plants in many areas of industrial automation, enables us to meet with speed, professionalism and readiness problems inherent in the start-up of the plant..

Our staff is composed of electricians, mechanics, fitters, pipe fitters, assisted by highly professional figures that organize and direct the work of implementation.


The MO.S.A.I.C. has centers tech work that the permit the following precision machining:


MO.S.A.I.C. has cutting-edge measuring devices that allow verification in the field of mathematics islands equipped. With the use of laser pointers Leica certify the geometry of the system in accordance with the design data.

Design and construction works in carpentry

We can realize works of carpentry for the construction of:


Our staff

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